your story

let us help you tell it


what is your story?

We at Mill Creek Corporate Video believe that everyone has a story to tell and that they should be able to tell it in an engaging and captivating way. It may be about their experiences, thoughts, beliefs, products, services, company, events, etc.

what do we do?

We tell your story through video, imagery, audio and music. We use a variety of equipment, visual effects, sculpted sounds, custom music, and our experience to capture your story in a form others will want to experience. We shoot anywhere in the world, including your back yard. Whatever it takes to get your story captured is what we do. We shoot by hand, on dollies, using cranes, from helicopters, in airplanes, on lifts, while suspended, floating along the river, on our bellies, etc.

We work with local musicians, graphic artists and copywriters to create a story that is uniquely yours. Some of the most common things we produce are: testimonials, corporate messages, product demonstrations, facility tours, about us videos, production line overviews, staff histories, and video shorts for e-commerce sites. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it.

where will your story be told?

It could be for your website, pod-cast, social media, radio, television, print, brochures, advertisements, presentations, conferences, wall hangings, testimonials, etc. We understand the special requirements needed to make your story shine just about anywhere you choose to tell it.

It can be a challenge to publish your story when you don’t understand the language and/or requirements of the publishing platform or company. We have seen just about everything over the years and are ready to help you get through those challenges.

lets get started

Talk to us about your next story and find out how we can  make it come to life. Call us today at +1-913-620-2459.