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creativity and fun drive us


who are we?

We are Mill Creek Corporate Video and we are a small group of passionate story tellers. We are located in the Kansas City area which makes it really easy for us to go anywhere, quickly.

Our owner and director is Doug Ambler. He started Mill Creek Corporate Video several years ago to help you tell your story. Here are his thoughts on what drives him:

I have been obsessed with the visual medium since I can remember. The art of expression through a camera lens is extremely rewarding. After seeing the first image appear in a tray of chemicals in my dad’s makeshift darkroom I knew this was not a passing fad. My career as a cinematographer began as film director shooting commercials at a tv station. This led to working for Beech Aircraft filming airplanes to be used in sales films and documentaries. Over the years I honed my skills shooting and editing film and digital motion pictures. My associates and I share this passion and have the skills and desire to craft your story. The language of cinema is a very powerful tool in attracting new clients. We use camera angles, motion, and sound in a seductive mix that entertains and informs, telling your story better than any other medium can.

Just like you, we are complex people with diverse backgrounds. We like to fly, SCUBA dive, skydive, cycle, draw, create, program, etc. This diversity helps us open our minds to your perspective and your message. We would love to meet you and learn your story.

Call us today at +1-913-620-2459.